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How to Prevent Home Break Ins & Protect Your Home from Burglary with a Double Deadbolt & More in Juno Beach, FL

On the rise, home burglaries seem to be booming as criminal activities. With people relying on debit and credit cards, robbing businesses is seemingly being reduced, while home break ins are increasing. Many people are taking this threat seriously and are doing more to beef up their security measures. Today, we at Ninja Locksmiths would…

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Famous Locksmiths? Harry Houdini, Albert Einstein, Khafre, King Louis XVI & More

With specific acts, talents, or other such noteworthy attributes, historical figures are often remembered for the primary contribution they made on impacting the world. Being that locksmiths are a humble trade, few can name any famous historical figure that was known solely for his abilities in the locksmith industry. However, there are quite a few…

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Locks, Keys and Combinations for Entry & Interior Doors of Your Delray Beach, FL Home or Business

In our current society theft is at an all time high. Even small communities have problems with theft. There are even groups of thieves that travel through small towns locking for an opportunity to steal. Because of the thieves and burglars, we need locks. Entry & Interior Door Locks Locks are mechanical or electro-mechanical devices…

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Installation of Deadbolt Locks in Royal Palm Beach, FL; Garage Entry, Patio & Front Door Security

Deadbolts are the upper lock on the typical external entry door. They are single cylinder meaning a single key facing outside and a knob on the inside. They offer security and if there are no windowed side panels they can be effective and secure. Most deadbolts have robust bolts or latches providing added strength over…

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