Locks, Keys and Combinations for Entry & Interior Doors of Your Delray Beach, FL Home or Business

In our current society theft is at an all time high. Even small communities have problems with theft. There are even groups of thieves that travel through small towns locking for an opportunity to steal. Because of the thieves and burglars, we need locks.

Entry & Interior Door Locks

Locks are mechanical or electro-mechanical devices and as such wear with usage. The typical house hold lock may last 10 years but will need replacement. Heavy use like front and rear doors will need to be replaced sooner.
Like many items, locks come in various levels of quality and reliability. Generally, homes have low to middle tier locks while commercial locks are of the highest quality. Schlage and Kwikset are the dominate home entry locks. Defiant is a rising player. These are commonly available through most big-box stores like Home Depot or Lowes. But if you want top tier ask a locksmith. Of course, interior doors entry hardware is of a much more basic design, now keys. New ones are designed to open with a coin. But teens and older preteens may prefer a keyed entry to keep the pesky little brothers and sisters out.

Electronic Deadbolt

Increasing common are digital deadbolts. The are door knob combination entry sets as well and many have a keyed override if the electronics fail. A growing problem is home invasion, where the criminals break in, hold the people hostage and take what they want. Sometimes more than mere theft are their goals and there have been rapes and homicides associated with these criminal activities. Point of fact the typical wooden home door represents an insignificant obstacle to force entry. Steel doors and frames offer the best security and resistance to entry. Wood frames and doors are easily defeated unless reinforced. Steel doors or reinforced doors and jams made of metal also contribute to your safety and securing your valuables. There are locks that can be controlled remotely via your smart phone. Auto locks on your exit, can be opened on your approach and unlocked by your phone. It lets you assign keys to individuals and notifies you of entries.

How Does a Door & Lock Mechanism Work Together?

For the homeowner, if you have wooden doors and frames there are solutions. For the doors you have wrap around metal guard plates for the deadbolt and door knob. Some are long enough to cover both. For the door frame you have metal reinforcement kits that provide strength and are installed with long screws reaching all the way into the studs. Next to a steel frame this is the best solution. Reinforcement bars and guard plates come it kits for security up grades. The magnetic reinforces add the power of magnets to your security with up to 2400 pounds of magnetic holding force.

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The designs are more limited for commercial locks but are usually the best for security, a bit more expensive than the normal household locks. There are magnetic designs with up to 2400 pounds of holding force. That can be installed on both commercial entries and the home. For your safety consult with the lock and security professional at Ninja Locksmiths. Contact us today!

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