How to Get in My Boca Raton, FL House when I’m Locked Out; Call a Mobile Locksmith!

Have you ever found yourself locked out your home? Being locked out of your home is extremely frustrating. And it always seems to happen on days that are already going poorly just to rub salt in the wound. So as you are standing outside of your front door wondering how on earth you are going to get into your house hopefully one of these tips will help you get back inside your home.

Check for an Open Window or Door

The first thing you will want to do is see if any of your doors or windows happens to be unlocked. Even homeowners that are faithful door and window lockers have been known to find an unlocked door or window sometimes. Be careful if you find a window that is unlocked. You will want to make sure that you as you crawl in through the window that you do not fall or hit your head.

Does Your Neighbor Have a Spare Key to Your House?

If you have a good relationship with any of your neighbors they may have a key to your home just in case of emergencies just like this one. If your neighbor has a key your dilemma will be solved quickly. If your neighbor does not have a key they can at least provide you with a place to hang out until you find a way back into your home. If you rent your home you can always call the landlord to see if they can come and unlock your home for you. Sometimes landlords live out of town but hopefully yours lives near you and can let you back in your house.

Credit Card Door Entry?

Though people are not always successful using a credit card to unlock their door there are stories where this option works out for people. This suggestion is only an option if you have a spring bolt on your door. If your door has a deadbolt this option will not work. Take a credit card and wedge it between the door and the frame while you press and jiggle the handle with some force. If you have an older home this is more likely to work than in a newer home. Newer homes are constructed to be more durable and harder to break into.

Removed a Locked Door Knob from the Outside?

Like the credit card method, this will only work if your door is not dead bolted. If your dead bolt is not in use you frequently can get into your home by taking the door knob off. You will need some tools for this so hopefully you have some in your car or you can get some from a neighbor. You will need a hammer and a screwdriver for this method. Once your door knob is removed you are typically able to open your door.

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Calling a locksmith is an option that will work every time you are locked out of your house. A locksmith can help you safely remove the lock and open your door for you. This option works even if the dead bolt on the door is locked. If you find yourself locked out of your home give Ninja Locksmiths a call today! We will get one of our technicians out to your house as soon as we can so that you can get back in your and on with your day.

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