How to Prevent Home Break Ins & Protect Your Home from Burglary with a Double Deadbolt & More in Juno Beach, FL

On the rise, home burglaries seem to be booming as criminal activities. With people relying on debit and credit cards, robbing businesses is seemingly being reduced, while home break ins are increasing. Many people are taking this threat seriously and are doing more to beef up their security measures. Today, we at Ninja Locksmiths would like to offer some tips on how you can reduce the risk of your home being burglarized.

Guard Dog Security

A security guard of the furry sort. Though not everyone enjoys dogs, and some can be allergic, a loyal four-legged friend cam help guard your home. Most burglars do not want to risk coming up against an unpredictable dog. More often than not, most criminals that take the time to case their targets and when they see the fearsome pooch will skip over that home. Most can find a loyal companion at animal shelters and through advertisements. However, if you do not intend to extend love and care to these animals, do not invest in a guard dog.

Use Window & Door Locks

This may seem obvious to most, but you would be surprised that an abundant of break-ins are the result of human error or neglect. Check on the windows daily and ensure they are secure. Most burglars look for simple and easy access. Open doors, windows and garages are all easy accessible.

Security Lights & Landscape Plan Can Keep Burglars Away

To offer more privacy, many homeowners prefer to maximize the foliage. However, too much and/or poor design of the plant life can give the invader more cover. Consider thorny bushes around the windows, and keep bushes and trees away from the house, and thinned. Gravel or loose stone pathways or surroundings can help keep sensitive ears more in tuned with outdoor activity and keeping the exterior well-lit can help deter the burglars.

Do Not Leave Valuables in Sight

Resist the urge to set the big screen TV in window view. If putting the valuables in line of the windows, invest in privacy curtains. Keep the priceless and irreplaceable treasures in a safe or safe place where you do not have to worry about them getting swiped.

Install a Double Cylinder Deadbolt

In panic mode, a thief who managed his way in may not realize they need a key to exit, which will help keep them trapped until authorities arrive on the scene. Plus, they will provide more security measures to keep them from using the locked front door.

Don’t Advertise New Purchases

Especially during the holidays, but throughout the year, when you get the boxes for big screen TVS, stereo equipment, laptops, tables, computers, or gaming stations, take them to the curb on trash day. Leaving them on the curb a few days advertises to anyone passing by what valuables are in your home.

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Keeping your home well-fortified is the priority so you and your family is safe. Ensuring you have security systems is optimal but with quality locks on the doors, you only boost the security. Call Ninja Locksmiths today to get your locks replaced or even re-keyed as necessary to efficiently keep your home safe.

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