Changing Locks on Your New Wellington, FL House; Should You Replace or Rekey?

Do you know the number of people that have a key to your home? If the answer is no, you may want to do something about it. When there are several people that have access to your home anytime they want, it can be an unnerving feeling. You never know if those people have made additional copies of your house key and given them to others, or a thousand other scenarios. There are two choices that will solve this problem. Ninja Locksmiths is here to talk about the difference between replacing your locks and rekeying your home to help you make the best choice for yourself.

Situations that Require Rekeying or Changing Your Locks

As mentioned above, there are several instances that require action to be made to ensure your home is secure. Following are some of the most common.
New Roommates: If you have gotten a new roommate lately, or your old roommate has decided to move on, it is best to make sure they don’t have access to the house any longer.
Change in Domestic Help: If you have a company that assists you in keeping your house clean, landscaping crew or nanny and decide to switch up your service, it is time to change the locks as well.
End of Contracting Work: When you have finished up a remodel or had other work done on your house, ensuring they don’t have a key to your house is a good ideas.
Moving: The first thing many people do when they move into a new house is get the locks changed.
Lost House Key– If you have lost your house key, don’t assume it is lost and someone hasn’t found it. Keep yourself safe and get the locks secured.

How to Rekey a Lock

When a locksmith rekeys your locks, we remove the springs, pins and cylinder, and replace just these parts as opposed to the whole lock in its entirety. If the locks on your home or business are in good working order, you can usually just have them rekeyed and avoid the process of replacement. If you are simply looking to secure your property, rekeying is a great way to do that.

How to Change Out & Replace a Front Door Lock

Sometimes your lock isn’t working properly and you will find that replacement is the only option. As locks age, their mechanisms start to show signs of wear. A locksmith can look at your locks and let you know if the lock is still working properly or not. Sometimes, people aren’t happy with the way their locks look aesthetically and wish to have their locks replaced at that time as well. When a lock is replaced, the whole lock is removed and a new one installed (as opposed to just some of the parts).

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If you are unsure as to whether or not you need to have your locks rekeyed or replaced, you can call on the professionals at Ninja Locksmiths to help determine what would be best. We specialize in replacing and rekeying your locks to keep your home safe and secure. Call us today!

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