Types of Residential & Commercial Locks in Boynton Beach, FL; Electronic Door Lock, Deadbolts, Panic Bars & More

Between commercial and residential applications, there are many locks available to consumers. With so many on the market, we at Ninja Locksmiths would like to compare the most common locks used in both residential and commercial premises.

Residential Locks

Electronic Door Locks. One of the most popular locks are electronic door locks where you enter a code to unlock your door on a keypad and touchscreen. Options are available with a traditional key lock or completely keyless. These locks are very secure and give homeowners one less key to be concerned with.
Entry Door Handlesets. This is the most common type of residential lock. Being affordable and offering a quick installation, they are a standard option that offers security.
Entry Door Handleset Levers. Because they need less force to rotate, entry door levers are easy to use. They are ideal for those that may have trouble turning a regular round door handle, such as seniors or people with physical limitations. There are some entry door levers that are even ADA compliant.
Deadbolt Locks. For affordable home security, the classic deadbolt is still the standard-bearer. These systems get the job done affordably. The installation is easy since most residential external doors are already drilled for deadbolts. Deadbolts are available in single or double-cylinder functions.
Sliding Door Locks & Handles. Instead of a key, these are installed on sliding/patio doors and have a lever lock. If you can match the handle to the brand of door you have, they are generally easy to install. Cheaper models are notorious for being easy to break into, so it is important to invest in the better high-quality models.

Commercial Door Locks

Usually commercial locks are a combination of electronic entry and security technology. Keycard for access control systems have a lot of advantages such as securing the premises against unwanted intruders 24/7, tracking employee access, and no key management for lost keys or ex-employees. Below are a few common commercial lock options.
Cylindrical Lever Locks. Since they are built for heavier usage than similar residential lock designs, cylindrical lever locks are common for commercial applications. They function with a key or combination push button.
Mortise Locks. Typically used in commercial environments with very heavy use, mortise locks are one of the most robust, heavy-duty types of locks available. The deadbolt is housed within the lock body, making it less accessible and more resistant to forced entry.
Panic Bars for Doors. Though an odd name for a lock, panic bars, or crash bars, are frequently used on commercial properties. When exiting a building, the panic bar is the bar you push to open the door. Only working from the inside, pushing the bar automatically unlocks the door. On the outside, when the door is closed, it remains locked. ‘
Electric Strike Lock. Using keycard and keypad systems, electric strike locks are the actual physical mechanism. When you swipe your keycard or input the correct keycode and electric strike plate that is engaged when the circuit is broken. These locks are a modern advancement in locking technology and comes with an added level of complexity. These locks are only recommended when proper training on use is involved.

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