Best Multi-Point Locking System in Boca Raton, FL; Solid, Multi-Lock or Self Locking Split Spindle Lock?

For homes and businesses looking to enhance their building’s security, you may want to consider changing out the door locks with a more enhanced locking mechanism. One lock that is great for both residential and commercial premises is the Multi-Point lock. Ninja Locksmiths will share how the multi-point lock can help increase your home or business security.

Multi Point Lock Design

A multi-point lock comes in a wide variety of designs. Most include a centrally located deadbolt and a live bolt (latch). In addition to the deadbolt and latch, a multi-point lock also has two hook bolts and if desired, an additional pair of compression bolts. The bolts are operated by lifting the door handle from both sides of the door. The deadbolt is locked in place with a use of a key. The compression bolts can be added to the locking mechanism which can help add to the lock security. There are two major types of multi-point locks: one is a split spindle and the other is a solid spindle. Each type of multi-point lock has its own advantages.

How Do Split Spindle Multi Point Locks Work?

A multi-point lock that has a split spindle system is a lock that requires a key in order to get back inside the building. The door latch from the outside won’t activate the latch bolt. Instead, the key is what turns the latch, both from the outside. The handle on the inside of the building will activate the latch bolt. One of the advantages of a spilt spindle multi-point lock is that these doors are always considered locked from the outside. For those areas of the home or business that require a need to remain locked, a split spindle multi-point lock is recommended. However, when leaving the building or home, never forget your keys or you won’t be able to get back in.

Solid Spindle Locking System

In the case of a multi-point lock that uses a solid spindle system, these doors don’t automatically lock. The outside door latch will activate the bolt without a key. A solid spindle multi-point lock is often used for apartment blocks to enhance fire safety as these locks are used for fire escape and emergency exit doors. A solid spindle multi-point lock is not used to keep people out but is essential to keep doors sealed and closed. The solid spindle multi-point lock is used for commercial buildings that have emergency exit doors.

Professional Multi-Lock Installation

When looking to enhance security for a home or commercial building, the split spindle multi-point lock is recommended. When having a multi-point lock installed, it is better to have a professional install the lock. There is more than just switching out locks. The door and door frame will need to be outfitted for a multi-point lock. There is also additional hardware that helps improve the security of the door as well. A metal bar runs along the edge of the door and door frame which prevents the doors from being kicked in by burglars.

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