Why You Should Rekey Your New House in Haverhill, FL; Don’t Know Who has Copies of Keys & More

It can be an exciting adventure to buy a new home. Whether you are a first-time home purchaser, marking a new chapter in your life, investing in an upgrade to a bigger home, or simply relocating, it can be a rollercoaster ride, and hard to organize and execute the way we imagined. There are usually obstacles that will test your patience as you go through the process when everything finally falls into place and the keys are in your hand, it is a wonderful feeling though. Usually, the top priorities when moving inside the new house includes the painting, renovations, cleaning, as well as ensuring the aesthetics is what we want and of course moving in. Few stops to reflect the security of the home, and how many copies of the house key may be floating around, unfortunately. Most like to assume that if anyone has a key to your palace, they are honest people as no one knows what kind of people the copy to the house key has, unfortunately, this is not always so. Also impossible to know, such as any disgruntled service people who happen to have a key and don’t know there are new tenants is knowing the full history of the home. It can be a bit terrifying, just thinking about these possibilities and various scenario. The importance of maximizing safety and rekeying your new home is what we at Ninja Locksmiths would like to share today.

Who has Copies of Your House Key?

Always investigated by insurance companies are victimized homes. If there is a burglar or intruder break in, insurance companies want to know where the fault is, such as, did the criminal use force able entry or was it homeowner error or neglect? Knowing the potential of keys that are floating around could be mind boggling to any homeowner. For starters, each family member, caregivers, service providers, contractors and neighbors could all have copies of the key. For emergency situations, there can be countless of keys made. You can get in contact with the previous homeowner and ask for a history of the locks and who may still have a key. But getting in touch with past owners is most likely a ridiculous endeavor and even if you do, you never know how truthful they are being.

How to Secure a Door After a Break In or Other Need to Change Locks

You really only have three options to deal with this dilemma with this problem; 1) with no prior knowledge, attempt a DIY lock replacement; 2) if you happen to be a handyman, or have friend in the business, rip out the old locks on every door and replace them; or 3) to have your new home rekeyed, hire a locksmith.

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Hiring a professional to change your locks when moving into a new house is the smartest move, ultimately. When it comes to rekeying or replacing the locks on your Greater Palm Beach County, FL area home, the certified professionals of Ninja Locksmiths are readily available to oblige. When you buy a new home to improve security, the most cost-effective and optimal solution is ensuring your home is professionally rekeyed. Call us today!

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