Types of Locks in Jupiter, FL; Deadbolt, Knob, Cam, Mortise, Padlock & Cylindrical Lever Lock & More

Thousands of home and business owners are the victims of break-ins and theft each year. Your exterior door and window locks are your first line of defense, and you need to know you can depend on them when you need to. All locks are not created equal, and educating yourself on the correct locking mechanism for the job is paramount to ensuring your property is appropriately protected. The professionals at Ninja Locksmiths have provided the following information on some of the most popular locks, their applications, and the features and benefits of each one.

Knob Locks

Knob locks are popular in many homes, and as the name implies, a knob lock contains the locking mechanism inside the knob instead of the actual door. Knob locks are rarely found on exterior doors, as they are not as secure as other locking mechanisms and are best suited to interior applications like bedroom and office doors, etc.


Deadbolts are one of the most popular door locks to secure residential and commercial exterior doors. Deadbolt locks are available with a single or double cylinder combination. A single cylinder deadbolt is a basic deadbolt that unlocks from the exterior with a key and the interior with a metal latch, allowing the property owner to lock and unlock the door from the inside easily. A double cylinder deadbolt is more complex and requires a key to lock and unlock the door from both sides.

Cylindrical Lever Lock

Cylindrical lever locks are similar to deadbolts and can be found in residential and commercial properties. Cylindrical locks are a popular choice for interior residential doors but not suitable for exterior doors as a determined crook can easily bypass them.

Mortise Locks

Mortise locks can be found in residential and commercial businesses. Mortise locks have been around since the eighteenth century; in fact, earlier models used a pull to unlock the door. In later years the pull was replaced by a doorknob. Mortise locks contain many intricate parts, including the lock cylinder. Mortise locks are solid and durable and an excellent choice in terms of security and peace of mind.

Other Types of Locks

Along with the traditional exterior door locks, padlocks and cam locks are popular locks in residential settings. Padlocks have several advantages over conventional door locks, including portability. Padlocks have evolved over the year and can be used to secure gates and garage doors. Cam locks are prevalent in residences and can be used to secure cabinets and draws. Cam locks can be easily identified by a small tailpiece that operates the lock with the use of a key.

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