Should You Change Locks if You Lose Keys or Rekey Locks After Moving to a New Building in Delray Beach, FL?

The inner workings of an office building are riddled with different locks. From the front and back doors, to all the closets and filing cabinets found inside, it’s a lot to keep track of. Most of those locks are going to be opened using keys that are held by many different hands of the employees that work there. This can leave a business owner asking how often they should be rekeying their building? Ninja Locksmith is here to share some input on this subject to help you keep your building safe.

Rekeying a Commercial Premises

Because there are so many keys that are changing hands and employees that are coming and going, staying on top of the security in an office building can be a full-time job. You can’t really change the locks every time your keys change hands. When you’re running a business, there are employees that are almost constantly coming and going. It just wouldn’t make financial sense to change the locks every time an employee quits or gets fired. This can especially be true for companies that are larger.

When Should a Business Rekey Locks?

When it comes to the security of your building, it is important to rekey it on a consistent basis. If there is all of a sudden, a risk for your building, it is obviously time to rekey. Following are certain situations that may require you to rekey your building.
– Break Ins: If there has been a breach in security, or a break in, you may want to ensure that your building and employees are safe with locks that have been rekeyed. If the locks have been badly compromised during the break in, you may not be able to rekey the locks and will be looking at a replacement instead.
– Large Employee Turnover: Sometimes, in business, there may be a large number of employees that are laid off or let go. In this case, you may want to think about changing locks to keep your building secure. You never know what a disgruntled employee may do when they aren’t thinking clearly.
– Moving to a New Building: It can be an exciting time for your business when you change locations. Just because you are changing locations, doesn’t mean that you need to have your security compromised though. When you get settled into your new building, it isn’t a bad idea to have the place rekeyed to avoid problems with previous tenants, and to just have a fresh start for your company.

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