Pros of a Keyless Entry System for Condos & Apartments in Lake Worth, FL; No Keys, Access Log & More

Managing an apartment complex comes with a long list of responsibilities, including keeping your residents safe and secure from unwanted intruders and break-ins. You can do several things to deter crime, including installing a sophisticated alarm system, lights around the perimeter of the property, and ensuring that all doors and windows are secured. Unfortunately, one area of apartment complexes that are sadly neglected is the entry doors. The solution? Consider installing a keyless entry system with a keypad that uses a sequence of numbers to open the door. Ninja Locksmith outlines some of the many benefits to installing a keyless entry system on main entry doors as well as individual apartment doors.

No Keys Required

Keyless entry systems are not only convenient for your residents but they also offer an added layer of security. With tenants coming and going, it is easy for keys to get lost and it also puts your tenants at risk while they fumble around looking for their keyrings. The beauty of a keyless entry system means you never have to worry about being locked out of your apartment because you left your keys inside. Instead, you enter your code and open the door to gain access. Some systems are fingerprint activated for an additional layer of security.

No Need to Hide Spare Keys

It’s not uncommon for your residents to hide keys outside their apartments in the event of a lockout. One of the most common places to hide a key is to slide it under the entry mat. Unfortunately, this places the renter in jeopardy and is an open invitation for unscrupulous individuals to quickly access the home. A keyless entry system is a secure way to protect your tenants and their belongings.

Track Who is Accessing Your Apartment Complex

Keyless entry has several great benefits, including the ability to track who is entering and leaving your apartment. Many products come with an automated system that allows you to receive notifications on your smartphone giving you peace of mind and security, knowing that your apartment is safe and belongings secure while you are away. You can also assign specific codes, for example, for the dog walker or babysitter, which can quickly be deleted when the work is complete.

Keyless Entry Master Code List

Keyless entry systems have very few disadvantages, the main one being the need to change codes regularly. One of the most efficient ways to keep up with who is using what code and ensure there are no duplicates is keeping a comprehensive spreadsheet. Maintaining a master list takes a little effort, but it is well worth it in the long run.

Keyless Entry Installation Cost

Keyless entry systems are more expensive than traditional deadbolt locks, but the ease of use, increased security level, and peace of mind are well worth the additional expense.

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