Broken or Wrong Key Stuck in Lock in Wellington, FL? How to Get a Key Out of Door that Won’t Turn

It can be incredibly frustrating when you get your key stuck in the lock on your door. It happens to the best of us. When you are faced with this dilemma, it may seem like there is no way you are going to be able to get it out of there. Luckily, there are a few tips you can try to help loosen that key. Ninja Locksmith is here to share our best tips for a key that is stuck in a lock.

Is Graphite Powder & Spray Lubricant Good or Bad for Door Locks?

One of the most effective ways to get a key that is stuck in a lock out, is with cleaning and lubrication. Did you know that your locks need to be properly cared for? Otherwise you are at a higher risk of getting a key stuck in them. You can use a can of pressurized air to blow dust out of the lock. Graphite powder is the preferred lubricant for locks. It is available in a squeeze bottle that is half air which allows you to blow it directly into the keyway. First Lock & Security Technologies does not recommend a spray cleaner like WD-40 as this can attract dust particles and gum up the lock.

Should I Wiggle a Key Stuck in a Lock?

Your first reaction to getting your key out of a lock may be to wiggle the key and try to dislodge it. This is a bad idea because if you try too hard to dislodge it, you can easily end up with a broken key in your lock. If the key does break off, call First Lock & Security Technologies right away as there is a good chance you will insert the broken key further into the locking mechanism, which will make it even more difficult to retrieve.

Is Applying an Ice Pack to Lock a Good Idea?

Sometimes when you get metal really cold, it can make the metal contract and you may be able to get the key out. This should always be done with an ice pack or cold pack and not an actual ice cube. You don’t want to get the key or the lock wet. This works best when you are working under warm conditions on a hot day but can take valuable time under any circumstance. It can also cause you to become frustrated, which increases the chance of you using too much force and breaking the key in the lock.

Hold onto the Lock & Try to Turn the Key

Sometimes, the lock is moving ever so slightly and that’s why you aren’t able to turn the lock and unlock the door. If you can, hold the lock with one hand while you carefully work to unlock the door with the other. This may create just enough resistance that you are able to get the lock unlocked. Even if you can’t put your entire hand around it to hold it, you may be able to keep the lock in place with just one or two of your fingers. But again, be cautious – too much force can cause the key to move further against the lock pins and break in the lock.

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If you cannot retrieve a key stuck in a lock, have damaged your lock with a key that was stuck in it, the key broke off and you don’t know what to do or any other lock problem; you can call on the professionals at Ninja Locksmith to help you repair the lock or replace it all together. Call us today!

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