Best Door Locks for Home Security in Riviera Beach, FL; Deadbolt, Electronic Keyless, Lever & More

You want to make sure that when you arrive in your house and you go inside you feel safe and secure. The safety of most families is important and you have to use different ways to do that. You of course should be aware of what is around your home and who should be coming and going. You also want to make sure that you have a door that is able to be secured. Most homes also have lights that are strategically placed around the house to brighten areas that are otherwise dark. You also make sure that your doors and other entry points have securely locked and also are used properly. It can take some training from your family to make sure that all of them are consistent in locking the door as they come and go. You also want to make sure that if a key comes up missing you have the locks re-keyed so that a stranger does not have access to your home. You also want to make sure that you have an appropriate lock on the door as well.

Ninjas Locksmiths Lists Best Deadbolt & Other Locks for Your Home

Deadbolt Lock: One of the best locks you want to have on your front or entry door is a deadbolt. They are a great deterrent to a would be robber. The way that the lock is installed and works makes it much more secure than other locks that you can use. The great thing is that a single cylinder deadbolt has a keyed side that can be opened from the outside with a key and a knob on the inside of the house. A double cylinder deadbolt has a keyed option on both sides meaning you have to use a key to lock as well as unlock. Most people will use a single deadbolt that is installed in the door and inserts a single bolt into the framing of the door. The insert does not have an adjustment so that the bolt once it has been activated it stays in place. The bolt is also great when you have the door locked and someone tries to kick in the door and they are not able. That is because they have to break through the entire frame of the door that is much sturdier.
Electronic Keyless Door Lock: One of the newer options that many people are using to secure their front door is to use an electronic door lock. This is a way of doing away with handing a key out to each of your kids and family members that need access to your home. You set the lock with a code that can be given to anyone that you want to have access to the house. The code is inserted into the keypad and that will activate the lock. This will avoid replacing keys that might become lost. You can also change out the code when you need to or when you want to keep someone out.
Lever Handle Locks: Another option that some people want to use on their door not only for security but for design as well is a lever door lock. The lever is part of the door that opens the actual door and the lock is separate from the lever. You can lock the door with a knob on the inside of the door and a key on the outside. The lever is only used to access the house once it has been unlocked.

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